Your invitation to join the “Come and Try” Intro to Yoga Class

Lynda Jones – owner/yoga teacher
at Light Heart Yoga


Intro to Yoga Class

SATURDAY 28 Sept 2019
9.15 – 10.45 AM


“Come and Try” Intro to Yoga Class

Sat 28 Sept 2019 9.15 – 10.45 am


“OMG loved, loved, LOVED the class. 

My hips feel freer than they have in years” …

“I really enjoyed the class and look forward to next week.”

“…. Lynda is a wonderful teacher who makes everyone feel welcome and included in class, regardless or ability, size, or age. 

Highly recommended!


Light Heart Yoga

(Holy Spirit Hall)

75 Olive St, Nundah, Brisbane

Yoga Venue

This is my invitation to you if:

You have been wanting to try yoga but don’t know where to start;

You want to learn how to free yourself from niggling body aches and pains;

You have trouble sleeping due to pain or toss and turn because of a busy mind;

You feel stagnant or blocked creatively;

You want (and need) QUALITY time out to recharge the batteries and feel like YOU again…

You are warmly invited to the “Come and Try”

Intro to Yoga class!!

Learn the basics of the wonderfully healing and body-friendly Svaroopa® yoga (the style of yoga I teach).

Experience simple and effective ways to ease your body pain, reduce stress and calm your busy mind.

Enjoy a deeply enriching, rejuvenating and expanded yoga experience.

“Come and Try” Intro to Yoga Class

Saturday 28 Sept 2019 9.15 – 10.45 am


Svaroopa (swa – roo – pah) yoga is a therapeutic and blissful style of yoga emphasising the gentle but powerful release of tensions in the deepest layers of your body (the cause of your pain.) It is a physical yoga, but non-athletic. The use of blankets and blocks in different poses support the body to create release in these deep and often long-held tensions.

This is a class that meets you where you’re at!

This decompression and unravelling of your spinal tensions not only helps to resolve your body aches and pains, it also helps to quiet and calm a busy mind.

Experience simple and effective ways to ease your body pain, reduce stress and calm your busy mind.

This authentic, traditional, yet unique approach to yoga is also wonderfully rejuvenating and awakens your creativity, expanding your Self-awareness, and also offers so much more ….

Enrich Your Life!

Designed for beginning students who are wanting to try a yoga class they feel they can actually do with immediate tangible benefits, and those yearning for a deep, expanded and enriching yoga experience.

You will notice the difference even after one class.

Have QUALITY time out and learn simple tools to take back control of your life.




Lynda has been studying and practising various healing modalities and bodywork for well over 20 years and teaching yoga for over 15.

Lynda is a Certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher, Certified Embodyment® yoga therapist, Registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia, and one of the most experienced Svaroopa® yoga teachers in Australia with thousands of hours of teaching experience.

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