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Still the same reliable, effective, blissful yoga….but now ONLINE via ZOOM!!

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Class blocks are themed so you can create continuity and experience a deeper understanding of your body (and mind..and more…) as you progress through the weeks.

Every pose we do in Svaroopa yoga is to unravel the tensions in your spine from the inside – out, tail to top.

In the BACKBENDS theme, this becomes really obvious!
In this theme you will continue to learn why and experience how backbends are the most important direction of movement.

SPOILER ALERT:  one key to safe and effective backbends is learning to use your fabulous abs!!
ANOTHER SPOILER: Backbends in your lower spine actually begin in the front of your thigh!

Please know this is NOT!! the contortionistic, bone-crunching, dangerous type…
but the gentle, lengthening, rejuvenating, decompressing, body-friendly type instead.

We live our lives in a forward bend – crunched over compressing through the heart/ribcage,
and then doubling up at the hipcreases, all as a result of tension in the tailbone/sacrum.
We lift our chins to compensate for this stoop, and then yet another layer of neck/shoulder tension and pain ensues…

In this theme you will learn how to unravel, lengthen and decompress these areas SAFELY!


  • Improves movement in your neck and shoulders
  • Improves your breathing – opens up breathing spaces
  • Feel taller and longer – decompress your spine
  • Opens your heart! (Fill your own cup! The lengthening of the ribcage creates space and allows you to give back to yourself!)

WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR SPINE, YOU BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE “MORE OF THE MORE” …the knowing of your True Self when you unravel the tensions in your body and also your mind.

Ahhh, bring on the BLISS!!!

$108 – 6 weeks (one class per week)

*$197 – All access (access to all 18 classes this series)

$22.50 – casual

TO PAY & REGISTER:  Please note 2 step process.

Step 1:   First, choose your payment option. 

6 week series = $108

108.00 A$


Access to all 18 classes in 6 week series

197.00 A$


casual class $22.50 AUD

22.50 A$


Please transfer amount to Suncorp account:

Light Heart Yoga

BSB: 484 799

Account Number: 50 215 268 1

Please include your full name as Reference.

Step 2: Next, click on the day/time to register your name and email to receive the Zoom meeting ID and other info.

*All access ID please register for each class.

TUES CLASS: 9.30 – 11 AM


WED CLASS: 6.30 – 8 PM


SAT CLASS: 7.30 – 9 AM

When you register, you will automatically receive the Zoom link and other info.


Any missed classes not made up within the current series will be forfeited.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more of this amazing yoga with you – now online!!

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