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Svaroopa® (swa-roo-pah) yoga is a gentle, therapeutic and blissful style of yoga:  a technique for opening your body (roopa) to find your Self (sva).

Each class includes a breathing practice, yoga poses and guided awareness.

Svaroopa® yoga, however, offers a radically different – yet traditional, authentic and genuine – approach.

It emphasises the subtle but powerful release of tensions in the deepest layers of your body from tail to top:  with poses to release the muscles connected to your tailbone, then follows a progressive sequence upwards through each area of your spine.

When you open your spine in this way, it has amazing therapeutic results, effectively resolving many painful conditions.  However, more importantly, this process works to quieten your mind.  When your mind becomes quiet, then you experience the deeper dimensions of your own being = svaroopa! your true Self.

Please visit www.svaroopa.org for more information on Svaroopa® yoga and Swami Nirmalananda (formerly Rama Berch) the originator of this amazing style of  yoga.


SVAROOPA is a registered service mark of S.T.C,. Inc. used under licence.