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Theme:  Upper Spinal Release

Class blocks are themed so you can create continuity and experience a deeper understanding of your body (and mind..and more…) as you progress through the weeks.

– improves movement in your neck and shoulders
– opens your heart
– opens your breathing space
– soothes and calms emotions
– and so much more ….

Every pose we do in Svaroopa yoga is to unravel the tensions in your spine from the inside – out, tail to top.

In the Upper Spinal Release theme, this becomes really obvious!

You will identify and open the areas of the upper spine that are tight.

You will move the whole spine, rather than concentrating on just one area at a time.

Use arms and legs for strength and support, rather than doing everything with the muscles of the spine and back.

You will learn more about where to find strength in your body and how to move through life with your spine staying open.

5 WEEKS = $90 (one class per week)

(Access to all 15 classes this series)

WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR SPINE, YOU BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE “MORE OF THE MORE” …the knowing of your True Self when you unravel the tensions in your body and also your mind.

Ahhh, bring on the BLISS!!!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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