ASYA Yoga Workshop – Classical Poses

Yoga Workshop – Classical Poses

This theme is meant to be more challenging, where you safely work a little harder and go a little deeper than before, of course all interwoven into our wonderfully effective, therapeutic and blissful spinal opening pose sequences.

To participate, all you need to do is make some time for yourself

– 3 hours actually –

a chair, a few blankets, couple of blocks, a quiet space …

And with this special online offering, we can come together and delight in all the benefits of Svaroopa yoga, from home.

Dissolve deep and often long held tensions in your spine and whole body from inside out, tail to top with the unique Svaroopa yoga approach.

The physical changes of “spinal decompression” are just the beginning of a delicious and profound deepening.
All levels open up simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Enjoy THREE HOURS of a deep and enriching yoga experience with QUALITY time out to recharge the batteries, fill your cup, learn something new, and feel like YOU again!!

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Yoga Workshop – Saturday 23 Jan 21 7.30 – 9.30 AM



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Lynda has been studying and practising various healing modalities and bodywork for over 20 years and teaching yoga for over 15 years.
She is a Certified Svaroopa® yoga teacher, Certified Embodyment® yoga therapist, Registered Senior Teacher Member of Yoga Australia with thousands of hours of teaching experience.

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