About Lynda Jones

(CSYT; CEYT; ASYA; YA – Senior Teacher Member, Level 3 – YA1000)

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I was introduced to yoga, masage & bodywork in 1994 to rehabiltate RSI and to manage stress and depression.  This experience proved to be essentially life changing as I was inspired to change careers and create a new life following this path.

Since that time, I have explored a wide range of healing therapies and practiced various styles of yoga, undertaking yoga teacher training in Australia and further study in India and, more recently, USA.

Since gaining my initial qualifications, I have taught yoga and facilitated stress management/relaxation sessions for several corporate, government and community based organisations as well as yoga classes for students at local primary and secondary schools.

During 2007 I met Swami Nirmalananda (then Rama Berch) the originator of Svaroopa® yoga and Embodyment® yoga therapy.  I discovered the profound inner experience I had been yearning for which this style of yoga nurtures.  I then began studying this transformative practice with Nirmalananda and the teachers at Master Yoga USA and continue with regular intensive trainings.

I teach beginners and general yoga classes and workshops.  I am also a certified Embodyment® yoga therapist seeing clients for yoga therapy and personal tuition.

I am passionate about inspiring and supporting others to explore their own potential, and continuing my own journey of healing, transformation and illumination.


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