Holding onto tension is exhausting! The easy way to free up your body, mind and more …

Holding onto tension in your body is exhausting – physically, emotionally and mentally!!

Unravel those deep internal tensions and experience deep relaxation and healing with Embodyment® yoga therapy. 

This gentle, safe, amazingly effective hands-on therapeutic technique releases tension from the body – starting at the tailbone and progressing up the spine. This approach is called ‘core opening’ or ‘core release’.

The release of these deep tension in your body promotes a process of healing and transformation: relieving many painful physical conditions; improving overall body function and general health; as well as leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and wonderfully rejuvenated – all in one hour!!


Receiving one Embodyment® yoga therapy treatment is equivalent in therapeutic effect as having attending 5 or 6 Svaroopa® yoga classes.



In these sessions you will learn a simple, but extremely effective yoga breathing technique for quick, easy DRUG FREE pain relief.

You will feel confident in creating a simple, daily, 4 pose home practice to support your healing journey with workbook included.

Experience the deeply healing and wonderfully transformative Embodyment® yoga therapy.


You will significantly fast-track your healing experience and deepen your yoga practice with regular Embodyment® yoga therapy sessions.

5 sessions – $ 350

10 sessions – $ 650

All sessions by appointment at Light Heart Yoga, Nundah, Brisbane.


What others have said:

“The most powerfully nourishing experience ever… you will emerge refreshed, renewed and reconnected with your Self.  Definitely a worthwhile investment of time, energy and money.”  

“I felt profoundly relaxed.  It is such a gentle therapy, but its effect is powerful…. It’s a wonderful way to clear out stress… I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a natural way to care for their body, mind and spirit.”

“The therapy itself was very relaxing.   I had a very strong sense of release, of letting go of the pain, letting go of the anxiety associated with the pain.  I definitely would (and have) recommend this therapy.”

If you have significant health issues, please contact me and we can discuss a series of  Overlap Healing sessions.


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Lynda is a Certified Embodyment Yoga Therapist with Svaroopa Vidya Ashram in the USA and a Senior Teacher Member of Yoga Australia.


e: lynda@lightheartyoga.com



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