Protect your joints



In Svaroopa yoga we describe students who can move into extreme angles as “hyper-flexible”. My students will often hear me talk about being really aware of not ‘hanging’ in your ligaments. Flexible people will tend to move to their extreme angle, because they can!  However, this is not worth the long term consequences and issues later in life. The propping Svaroopa yoga provides (for not only hyper-flexible students but also those with limited flexibility) combined with precise body angles reaches into the tight spots while protecting and supporting the joints, tendons and ligaments – starting right from your tailbone and progressing all the way up along your spine.

Click here to read this great article about protecting your joints.

Less IS more.
Listen to your body.
Open your spine.
Calm your mind.
Find your bliss.

Come and try a class. Spinal release feels amazing!

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