It All Begins at Your Tailbone

Dear Divine Beings,

Some quotes for you from the contemplation article:

1302 It All Begins at Your Tailbone

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by Swami Nirmalananda and Vidyadevi

“Svaroopa® yoga sequences your spinal release by beginning at your tailbone.”

“After your tailbone release, you continue and carry your core release into your sacrum; through your waist area; into the vertebrae through your rib cage, shoulders and neck – so your whole spine decompresses.”

“Why do we always begin the core opening at your tailbone?                                                                                                                         It’s because this is where all your tensions begin.”

“Why does the tension start at your tailbone?                                                                                                                                                                     It’s instinctual.”


“…the mystery of the body-mind relationship…

The physical change is also an emotional change.”


“When you experience fear, your tailbone tucks under – just like a scared little puppy dog.”

“Your tailbone tucks under whenever you experience any type of fear:  anxiety, nervousness, worry, resistance, impatience, frustration etc..”

“Every time you do a tailbone pose, you experience freedom from fear.”

“Though fear has been extensively researched, bliss lacks such a thorough exploration.   You are the scientist who will make the greatest discoveries!”

“Every time you release your tailbone, you are physically aligning yourself with Grace, so your life is aligned with Grace and your being is aligned with Grace.”

“Grace is your own Divine Self reaching for you, within you.”

“Through Grace, transcendental consciousness emerges within, so the delight of your own Self is experienced as constant in the midst of life.”  Shiva Sutras 1.7

“Svaroopa yoga is the yoga of Grace.”

“You truly can live a Grace-filled life.”




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