Yoga News – December 2011

“I complained about having no shoes until I saw a man with no feet.”  Anon


I hope you’ve all had a deliriously wonderful Xmas and are now enjoying the “pause” between Xmas and New Year.
It’s like the space between your inhale and exhale …. and your exhale and inhale.
Inbetween yet at the same time in the overlap:  Xmas afterglow and anticipation of New Year potential.
Like the moments before the arrow is released from the archer’s bow.
The momentary delay when the ocean waves spill onto the sand and then retreat back to the sea.
Not a fullstop, just a comma.
It’s a powerful pactice being present in that infinite moment of time and space between the breaths.
I like the word “present”, makes it a “gift.”  Not only just for Xmas and birthdays.
Noticing. Enjoying. Being grateful and content with what is, while it is the way it is.
Patanjali (a great yogi sage who encapsulated the teachings of yoga and exploration of the mind around 2000 years ago) promises practicing contentment will bring superlative happiness!

Ujjayi Pranayama – Ocean Sounding Breath

Take some time to explore this presence with your gentle ujjayi sound (20 mins is ideal).  No straining or efforting, just easy and slow.
Even 5 min short sessions a few times during the day is fantastic!
First thing in the morning is wonderful.  Quiet your mind before meditation.
Before you go to sleep – will help you sleep better.
Quick refresher or rejuvenator during the day if that’s what you need.

The Magic 4 

If your body feels a bit tight, the Magic 4 is the way to open your spine again quickly and easily.
RememberAlways do ujjayi pranayama beforeyour pose sequence.  Never during or after.
The basic spinal sequence is a pose for Tailbone, Sacrum, then Lunge, Twist.  You know what to do!
If you have time, rest in Shavasana with your legs up for a few minutes.   Experience the Self.
Seal with Yoga Mudra.

Embodyment(R) yoga therapy  – $65

And I am around and about some dates during January if you would like to book in for an Embodyment(R) yoga therapy session.
Special Rate $65 for January.
A one hour session has the therapeutic effect equivalent to 5 or 6 Svaroopa(R) yoga classes.
Have a deep Shavasana experience.   Bliss awaits you!!
Please contact me if you have any questions or want to book in.

Xmas Hamper Thankyou

Thankyou also kind souls sooo much for your generous donations to the xmas hamper.
Craig and the team fromConnected Inc are doing a fabulous job organising support
for those experiencing hardship and pass on their thanks and gratitude.

Term 1 starts Tues 24 Jan

Term 1 starts Tues 24 Jan with all day and evening classes as for Term 4.
Also there are some spaces for either the Tues 6.30 pm and the Sat 9.15 am holiday classes in January.
Just let me know if you’d like to book in.
Text me 0438 080 768. for info updates too.

Contemplation article

And until we meet again at class, enjoy the December contemplation article“Practice Contentment” bySwami Nirmalananda Sarasvati.

Superlative happiness to you all.  Om shanti.
Lynda 🙂

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