Is yoga better than sex?

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This month’s contemplation article by Swami Nirmalananda entitled Brahmacharya-June 2011 covers the 4th of yoga’s yamas (or lifestyle practices) of Celibacy.

So back to the question:   Is yoga better than sex?

The yogi sages tell us it is.

“What?! Why?” I hear you ask with much confusion and disbelief.  (But I’m guessing you sorta knew that’s what they’d say … or was that just me?)

Patanjali (a great yogi sage) in his Yoga Sutras assures:

Brahmachara-pratishthaayaam veerya-laabhah (2.38)

One firmly established in celibacy gains potency (strength & power).

“So what are these potent strengths and powers anyway?” might be your (my) next question.

It is said, “One who has mastered celibacy has also mastered sexuality, which holds the creative force that brought the universe into being.”

“The potency that becomes available to such a yogi gives them a capacity far beyond most people, including a capacity to do many things, as well as a capacity to love and to embrace all that life offers.”

Wow!  From what I also have heard, these yogis can redirect their internal creative energies to flow upward towards enlightenment rather than downward and outward.

So that basically covers the “why?”.

Interesting to learn yoga also prescribes a period of celibacy when you are deepening your studies.  Interesting…

And interesting to learn that there are special rules for married couples.

Swami’s article explores this subject of celibacy – and of course sexuality – in a whole new light bringing some understanding to a tricky subject that stirs up a lot of issues for many different people for just as many different reasons.

Whether celibacy is a yama or lifestyle or practice you choose to adopt or not, this article is sure to give some insight into this topic.

See you at yoga! 🙂

Namaste, Lynda

PS:  FYI, You can find the other articles on the yamas in contemplations under the bliss notes.

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