Clarity, Integrity and Transparency

Clarity is your sense of knowing, completely beyond doubt and even beyond thought…

It comes from ‘insight’, meaning you looked inward (in-sight).”

Integrity is the alignment of all the levels of your being and your life, an experience of complete congruency…

Integrity is a wholeness that makes you invulnerable.  All the levels of your being and your life are fully aligned…

What you say is also what you think and feel.  What you do matches up to all the others.”

Transparency is letting what is inside you shine outward…

The radiance of your own being shines through without impediment, allowing you to enjoy the perpetual sunshine inside plus sharing it with the others in your life…

Transparency means you have nothing to hide.”

“Clarity, integrity and transparency all come from a single source, but each of the three is a different way of experiencing it.”

From the contemplation theme article Clarity Integrity Transparency Jan-Feb 2011

by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

http://www.svaroopavidya. org

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