Bliss Bit – Ease Your Head Back

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Bliss Bit – Ease Your Head Back

Do you ever get ahead of yourself? You may be living with your head pushed forward ahead of your heart. This shortens your neck and (worse!) compresses your brainstem. It reinforces your tendency to live in the future while it cuts off the flow of inner bliss that is always flowing up your spine.

How to do – Sit on a few folded blankets in an easy cross-legged position, or sit in a chair with your legs side-by-side and both feet resting solidly on the floor. Place your hands on your knees or thighs while you soften both arms and allow your shoulders to soften down and wide. If you are standing, bring your feet in underneath you with your big toes touching (or almost touching) and soften your arms and shoulders.

Imagine that you have vertical seams on the sides of your neck. Ease those side seams slowly back, which will move your neck and head will gently backward. Don’t force your neck back. Ease it back as far as it will comfortably come without straining or tightening your breath.

You may be able to align the top of your head over your tailbone. If so, you will find that the weight of your head releases spinal tensions all the way down to your tailbone. Take a few easy breaths with your head in this position.

Soften into this angle in order to cultivate a natural, easeful position. Your neck and head may rest easefully in this new alignment or they may come forward a little, but perhaps not as much as before!

Benefits – This lengthens your neck and decompresses the base of your skull, including your brainstem. Learning to live with your head over your heart will quiet your mind. Most importantly, your mind will be saturated by the fountain of bliss that is ever-flowing up your spine!




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