Bliss Bit – Sit in your seat!

Bliss Bit – Sit in your seat.

from Master Yoga

home of Svaroopa(R) yoga


You spend a lot of time sitting … in your car, at your computer, on your couch, eating, and even when you are doing yoga.  It’s time to really sit in your seat.  It releases tension in your spine and gives you an opportunity to experience your Self.

How to do:  Level your weight into both sides of your seat and allow the surface beneath you to fully support you.  As you settle into your seat, you will lean more deeply into the chair, cushion, blanket or sofa beneath you.


Take a few slow, long breaths.

Ease your neck and head back slowly, and allow your throat to hollow inward.  Give yourself a few more slow easy breaths.

Minimum time: As long as you are sitting.

Maximum time: As long as you are sitting.

Benefits: Your body relaxes, your breath opens up, your neck softens and lengthens, your mind calms down, you feel more present and more able to do whatever comes next.



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