Bliss Bit – The Yogic Sigh

Bliss Bit

from Master Yoga

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Bliss Bit – The Yogic Sigh

Renew your relationship with your own breath, refresh yourself and quiet your mind in a fast, direct and effective way.  It only takes a breath!

How to do – Take a long, slow inhale without straining.  You can even allow your chest, belly and back to expand as you breahte in.  Now exhale with a long, smooth, gentle sigh sound.  This is not a sigh of exasperation, but a blissful sigh of satisfaction, with a sliding pitch that starts high, and then slides down to a lower note as you exhale.

Go ahead do it again.  Let that graceful sound out!

Notice the pause at the end of your sigh.  See what is there, in the pause.

Repeat two more times for a total of three “Yogic Sighs”.   Notice how you feel.

Benefits: Refreshes and relaxes your body and mind.  Provides a deep sense of satisfaction, joy and letting go.  Gives you a taste of the bliss of your own being (svaroopa).


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