Yoga Guidelines

Wear loose/comfortable clothing you can move easily in.

In cooler weather:  layer clothing, wear socks, and bring a blanket for Shavasana (relaxation).

Please turn off your mobile phones!

Please do not wear strong perfumes or aftershaves as others may be sensitive to strong scents.

I have all the equipment you need.  Please feel free to bring your own mat/blankets if you wish also.  If you would like to purchase any equipment for a home practice, please ask.

Don’t eat a heavy meal 2 hours prior to yoga practice.  Leave it at least 1 hour after a light snack.

Bring water to drink.

Please let me know of any injuries, health conditions or pregnancy.  If you are in doubt as to your ability to practise yoga, please consult with your doctor.  Make sure you fill out the personal details form before your first class.

Have a light heart and an open mind!

Namaste, Lynda

0438 080  768


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