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Bliss Bit – Ear to Shoulder

from Master Yoga Foundation,

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Lengthen your neck! This practice comes from the Pawanmuktasana Vinyasa (series of poses), which moves every joint of your body in every direction.

How to do – Sit on a few folded blankets in an easy cross-legged position, or sit in a chair with both feet landing firmly on the floor.  Place your hands on your knees or thighs with your elbows bent and your palms facing up.  Soften both arms as fully as possible.

Lower your left ear toward your left shoulder.  Keep your nose pointing directly forward, so you are not turning your head sideways.  Don’t let your chin push forward.

Soften both shoulders downward as you let the weight of your head slowly pull the side of your neck long, with your ear leaning slowly closer and closer toward your shoulder.  Take a few easy breaths.

Moving out – Slowly move your neck vertebrae up, stacking them one at a time from the base of your neck, upward.  See if you can find all 7 neck vertebrae!

Other side– do your other side! Take your time with it and continue with easy breathing throughout the process.

Benefits – It feels great! this asana relaxes and lengthens your neck, with the traction possibly reaching down through your neck vertebrae and into the vertebrae behind your heart.  Ultimately this opening is for the purpose of opening the pathway between your head and your heart.

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