What some people have said …


What some people have said about Svaroopa® Yoga


I hope these testimonials inspire you to try a Svaroopa®yoga class or Embodyment® yoga therapy session soon!


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Hi beautiful Lynda,


I always knew that yoga was beneficial for body, mind and soul and as a child remembered watching  Swami Sarsavati on television and being in awe of her suppleness, posture and healthy, youthful appearance and very peaceful calm nature.


I heard about your classes from a beautiful woman named Lynda who walked into my Vintage Shop at Nundah Village in 2008!!!!! I displayed  her business cards in my shop and said that one day I would do yoga with her!!! and the rest of course is history.

I started yoga to gain flexibility and to gain enlightenment and peace within.


Absolutely!!!  Yoga benefits your body, mind and soul. It reconnects you with your source, your true essence. I always leave feeling utterly relaxed, blissful and centred.


What surprises me in the classes is always the lengthening we get in  the body, without too much effort and the release afterwards of  emotional blockages.  The postures that we do benefit us on every level, spiritual, mental and physical and more!  Most of all we have fun actually doing the postures, we learn as  Lynda passes on her wisdom and then at the end of class listening to the contemplation for the day is also a highlight! Enlightenment personified, truly!


I keep coming back because I love it!  Lynda always makes classes fun and interesting as she has a wealth of knowledge on all levels and passes that  wisdom onto us. Her passion for yoga

is contagious, it is truly from her heart and soul.


Thank you Lynda for being the beautiful Goddess that you are. Your smile, gorgeous blue eyes and most of all your beautiful heart.  You create a sacred space with your healing energy. You connect with everyone in class, share your expertise and make all us ladies feel genuinely loved, special  and cared for (especially when you cover us in our blankies on these cooler days, mum!)   Do more yoga!!!


I honour you – Namaste  Abundant blessings to you and yours beautiful woman.

Josephine  Wavell Heights


Hi Lynda,

I had attended yoga classes years ago but was not familiar with Svaroopa yoga and wanted  to improve both bone strength and flexibility.

Having come from a gym back-ground, I initially found the slower, more refined movements took a lot of discipline. I questioned  how effective it could be and found myself constantly resisting it and yearning to fasten the pace. Over the weeks I gained a better understanding of the deeper layers you referred to and felt less frustration and more determination to try and perfect this Svaroopa yoga. The change was subtle and most notable when you miss classes over the holidays. Not only has it improved my flexibility but relieves tension (proved when I fell asleep in one class),body balance and posture.

The detailed description you  give Lynda of the benefit of each movement has helped me gain more understanding of how to improve the positions. I learn something new each week about my body and how to manage/maintain it.  I appreciate the newsletters too and can only dream of ever living with such an inner feeling of peace as the authors.

So on that note I will see you again next week!



My reason for starting Yoga was to manage back pain

My condition has improved – very much so…my back pain is not totally gone, but It has improved greatly..and I understand, my body as It changes the more yoga I do

I now know there is more to yoga than the physical and continue in my practice for spiritual development while enjoying the physical benifits

I was surprised by the nurturing style of teaching, and the power of shavasana



Why do you keep coming back?


Ah ..the bliss….  I do home practise every day, but I get much more out of comming to a class


Lynda, you have a great teaching style, disciplined, and fun at the same time, always enabling the student to get the most out of each pose as you guide us through the support and the letting go…and don’t forget to breathe


What did you think about ‘yoga’ (generally) before starting classes?

From my experience I have always found it difficult to learn, loved the idea of it but was usually too stiff to do most poses I had tried in many forms of yoga – bikram, hatha,

Did you have a specific reason that prompted you to start?

(gain flexibilty, manage pain, relieve stress etc or other reason)

I was leaving my fulltime job to pursue my own business, and received and invitation to come to these yoga classes, thought it would be nice for socializing and a rest between business mind, stress relief and relaxation. I got this….. and more!

Has your condition improved?  If so, how?

Yes, I have softened from the inside out, with less tights spots throughout my whole body. Mentally it has helped me to see through many of my belief programs and assisted to allow me to see and accept how I can think with a smile. Physically, it has significantly relieved tightness/soreness in my hips, lower back, helped increase my awareness with my breath and opened my chest. I feel as though the tissues in my organs are renewing themselves with each new breath I take and my head is clearer too. I could keep going for days, it truly feels like it is impacting every individual cell in my body!

Did anything surprise you about the classes?

Yes, using the blocks and blankets for support was the best introduction to yoga poses ever. I have found that having this additional support has helped my body release deeper and let my mind not worry so much about how I will be able to do the poses.

Why do you keep coming back?

Huge body and mental benefits I am feeling within me. I have experienced 101 forms of exercise (boxing to tai chi to swimming to tennis to walking) and nothing has given me as much peace mentally and physically as svaroopa

Thank you Lynda for sharing and practicing with us all. You truly create a nurturing, open space for us to investigate ourselves without making it feel overwhelming.



I had been to Ashtanga yoga, which needed a high level of fitness, was very hard on the body (contradicted the tenets of yoga as I understood them) and a version of Hatha, and had hurt my back to the point I could not continue with both on my osteopath’s advice at the time. I had also recently been to remedial yoga, so no ‘planks’ just gentle slow movements and had seen there was a different side… I wanted more and was determined to explore these options.



I wanted the benefits of greater flexibility, being able to relax and manage stress was very important, as was finding a way of moving with ease again.



Has your condition improved?  If so, how?

Right from the first class! My hips in particular are not so stiff, I walk with a lot more ease, and my neck, a real problem area has become much more flexible. My osteopath has been commenting favourably on the improvements.

To Add: What a revelation this type of yoga is, and of course your tutorship. I wish it was available where I am going, I will sorely miss the classes. Please spread the ‘word’.



I have experienced yoga classes many years ago – not this kind. Other yoga I had done was not this spiritual.  Work was driving me insane.  I had to do something …

I am getting through this year a whole lot better. I have made the commitment to myself and I can see the benefits yoga has given me.



Hi Lynda,

I knew yoga was immensely beneficial and life enhancing in many ways, yet I did struggle with the poses due to my inflexibility. I had also been to classes where it was more for show or fitness than the spiritual practise it is.

I started yoga to still my mind, nurture my body and go deeper into my Self.  I also was looking for a yoga style or class that was building awareness of the spiritual teachings/aspects by integrating them into the class, rather than simply doing the poses.

… By being still, gentle and meeting my body where it is at I have become so much more aware of myself – my body, my mind and my spirit. With that I am finding myself going much deeper into who I am without even trying!

Did anything surprise you about the classes?

I feel healthier doing less. I feel so supported not only by the poses themselves but by the care and attention Lynda gives to each person throughout the classes.  She doesn’t just teach a class, she takes time to help each individual improve and deepen their own results for their own unique needs.

Why do you keep coming back?

I feel so nourished, connected and happy to be alive in this body and this life after Lynda’s classes.  They are my opportunity to truly be present with myself, recognising any tensions I’ve created in my mind or body and to gently and lovingly be with them as they release, realign and soften once more. It feels divine!

Do you have any suggestions for improvement?  Please be honest.     I do greatly appreciate all feedback.

There isn’t anything that comes to mind.  I love hearing about the value and purpose of different poses so I wouldn’t complain for more of this, even though there is already a good dose.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Simply to say you are a wonderful teacher and I have enjoyed your passion and knowledge deepen and further enrich the classes in the time I’ve been coming.

Thank you. Kirstan  xx


I knew yoga was an ancient form of meditation and exercise for mind/body/spirit, however I thought that it might also be about trendy young people in lycra and that I may feel ‘old and out of it’.


…  reprioritising and seeking a way to balance my mental, physical and emotional world.   Doing something “for me.”

Reaching ‘retirement’ age, and needing to challenge my negative emotions about ageing (recently changing from working full time to working 20 hrs/week).

Seeing a need to exercise more to fight diagnosed osteoporosis (and not really being keen on exercise other than walking!)

Has your condition improved?  If so, how?

That’s hard to quantify as most of my reasons were mental/emotional – however I feel positive about going to classes.


Did anything surprise you about the classes?

All those blankets!

How I very quickly felt comfortable in the environment.

The 2 opportunities per class to really ‘switch off’

Why do you keep coming back?

As above:

–       I feel positive about going to classes

–       I’m comfortable in the environment

–       I’m gaining some tools to deal with the negative stuff

–       Maybe I’ll never be really into regular exercise – but at least I do it once a week at Yoga!

Your enthusiasm for yoga is inspiring and I can see you love what you do – which in turn inspires me to see myself in a different light.

Go well, Angela


Lynda Jones

0438 080 768




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