“Tadaa drashtu svarupe vasthanam.”

“Tadaa drashtu svarupe vasthanam.”

I.3 Patanjali’s yoga sutras

In the moment that your mind becomes still, you abide in the bliss of your own being.

Hi Yoga Friends.
Hope life is sweet for you all.
The sutra above is where Svaroopa(R) yoga draws its name.
Svarupe = bliss of your own being  = your true Self.
(Also roopa = body; sva = self. Using the body to find the Self).
This whole process of opening from the tailbone then progressing up the spine has not only a wonderful therapeutic effect, easing many painful conditions due to the core opening and reliable release, it also helps in the process to quieten your mind.  And as Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras then assures: when your mind becomes quiet, then you experience your bliss!  Your true Self.  Consciousness.  Shiva.  “Chaitanyam Atma!”  My own Self is Consciousness itself.
Such sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.
Simple yet effective… as you know!
I look forward to sharing more of this amazing practice with you soon.

Abundant blessings, Lynda



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