Inside-Out Day


Happy Friday All!
When I got home from yoga class this morning,
I realised I had my shirt on inside-out!
Tags hanging out and seams all showing.
Nobody mentioned anything to me … so it’s possible
they didn’t notice either (or too polite to say maybe?)
After recovering from my inital embarrassment, I had a bit of a laugh at myself.
And then I read this email. I received this yesterday but only had a chance
to really read it today after my inside-out revelation!
So, I’m sending on an excerpt of this very timely Wise Living Blog for you.
My shirt inside-out-edness is a light-hearted reminder for me to live and feel from the
inside-out more and explore and appreciate that vast and rich inner world and all the
treasures it contains. Essentially … Do More Yoga!!
And of course, as in Shavasana, the experience of “inside and outside, all at the same time.”:
the further inside you go, the more ‘outside’ and expanded will be your whole experience…
More on that for another time.
Namaste, Lynda
Happy Friday Lynda!
I am laughing outwardly with your story, inwardly very warm and fuzzy, love it!

Blessings, M x


Hi Lynda
Never noticed your shirt…….you know it is supposed to be good luck if you wear your shirt inside out….have a great weekend.
Enjoyed the class…thanks again..L.

How strange

I did actually notice at one point that your shirt was inside out – but it was just a passing awareness and then I forgot all about it.

That it was followed by such a reflection as you sent below only goes to confirm the symbolic value of the experience – WOW.

Thank you for sharing and challenging me in an area of weakness for me – that of caring, worrying, allocating importance to what other people might think!!



Hi Lynda,
Thanks for your email, it is very helpful to me at this particular time.  Funny about that.!!!
As for your top being inside out, I probably didn’t notice, and if I had it would only have been noted as a fashion statement  – as inside out, around about, any old way at all, short or long etc. is the accepted way these days.  That is probably good???
Love J xxx

Please visit Tara Sophia Mohr’s blog @  “Inside Out”
Or ask me and I’ll email it to you. Lx

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