Timetable - Term 2

 Term 2, 2018  

STARTS:  Sat 14 April


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Hi, I’m Lynda

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~ welcome to light heart yoga.

Please put aside, for a few moments, any notions or ideas you have about yoga…

Whether it’s from the lycra-clad contortionists you’ve seen on TV, or a stretch-’til-you-sweat class you’ve taken at the gym, or the mysterious concept of  “Yogis” who meditate 12 hours a day on mountaintops.

What I offer is a very different – yet authentic – approach.

This is a physical but non-athletic yoga practice, which means that you can begin today, regardless of your age, size or fitness level.

It’s about releasing deep tensions in your body through the use of props in supported yoga poses. It’s about rediscovering the inherent balance and strength of your body when it is opened and aligned.  It’s also about experiencing a quiet, calm, peaceful state of mind and the blissful experience of knowing your true Self.

The feeling of deep alignment and well-being, plus this ‘bliss factor’, make it an enjoyable physical activity that you will look forward to—it’s one health habit you’ll absolutely love to keep!

How are you feeling in your body, right now?

Do you have aches and pains?

This approach is particularly effective for resolving aches and pains.   You will be guided how to release deep spinal tensions (the cause of your pain) in your body from tail to top:  from the hips and lower back, up into the shoulders and neck. If you have more intense pain, or need faster relief, it’s also worth considering private yoga bodywork sessions.

Are you stressed—your mind racing over all the things you need to do—and finding it difficult to relax?

The connection of mind and body—through the breathing practice, yoga poses and guided awareness incorporated within every class—allows you to gently bring both into calm balance.

Are you feeling stiff and lethargic from a lack of exercise, and want something more holistic and nourishing than the usual bootcamp?

light heart yoga is a physical, but non-athletic practice—meaning you will definitely experience the physical benefits of a stronger, more balanced, more supple body, but you won’t be ‘wrecking’ yourself to have a ‘good’ session. It’s all about releasing and lengthening rather than tightening and compressing.

Ready to experience the bliss?

Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to show up to a new class, but I promise that we are a very friendly and welcoming bunch, and the classes are relaxed and light hearted.

If you’d like to come along to a class (check below for days and times), or if you have any questions, please email me at: lynda-yoga@bigpond.com

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